Benikov Law Firm


"Attorney Benikov is a fantastic and aggressive attorney. He will fight for your rights and ensure that you receive justice. I could not be more grateful for his representation." Client G.M. 


"I had a mishap recently, it was a dire time. Attorney Alex Benikov and his staff filed quickly and timely of my case with the Court. At mediation, I was very impressed at how all things fell into place. Alex's ability to verbally communicate with all the parties involved; I was absolutely satisfied. The Law Office of Alex Benikov and the staff's experience and professionalism made me feel confident of the case. They were honest and straight forward from the beginning of my case. Every aspect of the case was handled fantastic, I would highly recommend, thank you!" Client L.L.


"I came upon Alexander Benikov through a 3rd party referral and was highly recommended. Alexander genuinely cares about his clients. He is an Excellent attorney who has exceptional knowledge of law and has an unparalleled work ethic. Alexander won my case after carefully and diligently guiding me through the entire process. My children and I are now doing great and getting our life back together. I would highly recommend him to anyone who was in a situation like mine where a lot is at stake. Thank you!"  -Client P.M.


"I consulted with Mr. Benikov. Mr. Benikov was very knowledgeable on the subject and gave me simple directions to follow on how to complete the process. He also provided a recommendation on which type of incorporation would best suite my needs. After my positive experience interacting with Mr. Benikov I would call upon him for help if I should ever need a defense attorney." -Client G.M.


"Mr. Benikov was extremely professional, and always kept me up to date as my case progressed. I highly recommend him, and know that you will not be disappointed. His professionalism, and knowledge of the legal field is unparalleled, and you are truly getting a 10/10 attorney for your case." -Client P.T.


"I was pretty rattled and tense due to the particulars of my case, but Alex walked me through what I needed to do in such a calm and rational way that I knew I would come through it all okay. He is well spoken, professional, and trustworthy, and I doubt things would have gone as well as they did for me if I had chosen anyone else for representation" -Client L.N.


"I inquired with Alex about looking into a criminal expungement. Instead of asking for a large retainer and giving me bad advise, he showed me how to get the process started myself as it's mostly paperwork and then would be willing to help me with representation down the road if necessary." -Client F.G.


Alexander is very professional and clearly understands the laws. He is easy to work with and will do what he can to make sure you are well represented. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. You can't go wrong with him on your side. -Client W.S.


"I contacted other law firms before I finally settled with Alexander Benikov. My case left me with a lot of stress and uncertainty. That being said the firm made me feel much more at ease with the process through a very difficult time. He explained the entire process and spent a lot of time with me. Alexander answered all of my questions and was very thorough and clear about my rights. I am in the final stages of my case as we are proceeding the process cautiously together and looks very promising. I highly recommend Alexander and appreciate all he did for me. Such a pleasant experience Thank you!" -Client D.E.


"After I was arrested for a felony, I retained the Benikov law firm. Mr. Benikov immediately began picking apart the prosecution's case and didn't just ask me to plea bargain. His aggressive negotiations and tireless research resulted in me having no criminal record. I have no doubt that if I had just settled for a public defender, I would now be a convicted felon." -Client F.D.


"Very happy with my decision to hire Mr. Benikov. He was responsive and knowledgeable" -Client R.M.


"Alex represented me "pro bono" in a protesting case against the State that went from October 2011 until June 2012. I was 19 at the time charged and had no experience going through the justice system.  Alex went to court with me for those six months always prepared, even submitting a lengthy motion to dismiss that was worked on in his and other lawyers free time. He even appeared for me on my behalf when I couldn't make it. Alex provided me with knowledge to make the right decisions with my case that ended up having all the charges dismissed. He was always professional, friendly, and helpful despite my complete ignorance of the way the system worked. Without him I would not have the spotless record I now get to keep. If you need legal aid Alex is without a doubt a lawyer you can trust to achieve the best possible outcome of your case." - Client A.G. 


"He handled everything very professionally, always kept me in the loop as to what was going on with the case. He even gave me pointers and guidance as to how to handle myself in a court of law. Just all around great guy." -Client S.R.


 "Mr. Benikov was very helpful, always returned my phone calls. I was very  happy with my decision to hire him for my DUI." -Client T.L.


"I  would highly recommend Mr. Benikov for a DUI. I was very scared but Mr. Benikov put me at ease" -Client C.L.


"I am a civil trial attorney in Arizona. Recently, I was wrongfully charged with a misdemeanor crime. I knew I needed the best criminal defense attorney I could find to protect my rights. There was only one real choice: Alex Benikov. Alex is widely respected as an attorney, law professor, and published author. Alex went to work right away and secured a complete trial acquittal on all charges. I would
recommend Alex to anybody."  -Client G.M. 


"Alex saved me thousands of dollars and several weeks of my life. I chose Alex to be my lawyer because of his genuine sincerity and his list of accomplishments. Hiring Alex proved to be the best decision I made regarding my arrest. I was very guilty and did everything you're not suposed to do during an arrest for DUI. Alex answered all of my questions and delivered as promised. I would absolutely recommend Alexander Benikov." -Client D.D.


"Very happy with my decision to hire Mr. Benikov. He was responsive and knowledgeable" -Client R.M.


"I was scared because I had never been to jail. My Benikov was honest with me from the start that jail may be required. Mr. Benikov was not only honest about the possibility of jail but other parts of the process. It was important for me to have someone holding my hand, and Mr. Benikov did that for me. " -Client Y.F.