Dealing with Driver License Issues After a DUI in Arizona

Dealing with License Issues After a DUI in Arizona
When you are charged with a DUI in Arizona you have a lot of things to worry about. You are worried about going to jail, how a conviction could alter your future, what your friends and family will think. One outcome that many people don’t think of after being charged with a DUI, but should, is how their drivers license will be affected.

When you are charged with a DUI in Arizona the officer is supposed to mail paperwork to Motor Vehicle Department (”MVD”). There are two likely types of suspensions that you will be looking at after being charged with a DUI. What is important here is that the suspension can start before you are ever convicted of a DUI. Many people in Arizona think they don’t need to worry about their license being suspended because they have not yet been convicted, this is a mistake. In Arizona you can have your license suspended just for being charged with a DUI.

The determining factor of the type of suspension you are looking at is if you submitted to the chemical tests that the officer asked you to perform. Under Arizona law you have to submit to the tests. If you refuse the officer will obtain a warrant and proceed with the tests. The most common one is a test for the amount of alcohol in your blood. If you submit to the tests you are likely looking at a 90 day suspension.

Out of the two common types of suspension the most common one is a 90 day suspension. While the suspension says it is for 90 days it is really for 30 days as after the first 30 days of no driving you can be given a restricted license for going to work or school for the next 60 days. The restricted license is not automatic and steps must be taken to get one. A good defense lawyer familiar with MVD can be a huge benefit in this area.

The second type of suspension is the one year suspension. If you do not submit to the officer’s chemical tests you face a one year license suspension. Even if you are later acquitted of the DUI charge you could still lose your license for one year. While this suspension can be challenged it is very difficult to overturn.