One of the most difficult decisions facing someone charged with a DUI is which lawyer to hire. One main factor in deciding which lawyer to hire is how much they charge. Some lawyers in the Phoenix area might charge as little as several hundred dollars while others charge over 10,000 dollars. As you can see there is a very wide gap in what people charge.

Generally, with defense lawyers you get what you pay for. If you hire the cheapest lawyer you can find you will probably regret your decision. If most lawyers tell you they will charge you 5,000 dollars but one lawyer tells you they will charge 500 dollars what do you think it says about that lawyer? When looking for a good DUI defense lawyer saving a few bucks up front could come back to haunt you in the end.

The prices that the Benikov Law Firm offers our clients are not cheap. The reason for this is because we believe you pay for quality. A good steakhouse charges a lot more for a sandwich then a fast food place. The Benikov Law Firm has gained a large amount of experience in DUI matters over the past eight years and thousands of DUI cases handled.

I recommend potential clients speak to more than one DUI lawyer before making a decision. After doing this a client will have a better idea of what a reasonable price to pay is.