What Kind of Person Needs a Defense Lawyer?
As a criminal defense lawyer I get this questions lot. The person asking is usually implying that only a guilty or a bad person needs a criminal defense attorney. The question is usually an offsite of, how can you defense those people?

The answer is that lots of non criminals need defense lawyers. I have represented many people that were found to be innocent. Just because someone is charged with a crime does not mean they are guilty of that crime. This is often difficult for people to understand. Most people that are not familiar with our criminal justice system falsly assume that just because someone has been charged with a crime means they are guilty. In reality this is not true. The police are people and people make mistakes. I have had countless cases over the years where a person is charged that should not have been.

I represented a family friend several years ago who turned out to be such a case. The friend had a dispute with a neighbor. The neighbor over reacted and called the police and my friend got charged with several crimes. My friend should not have been charged as his actions did not come to a standard needed to show criminal behavior. I tried to get the prosecutor to dismiss the case but they would not. It was only after we went to trial, and I won the case that my friend was able to keep a criminal conviction off his record. Next time you hear of a person being charged with a crime don’t assume they are guilty.