One of the things that can be most harmful to my client’s case is when the client is not honest with me. There are different reasons why clients will sometimes bend the truth when speaking with their defense lawyers. Sometimes the client is embarrassed and feels awkward about telling the facts to their lawyer. Sometimes the client is not honest because they think bending the truth will somehow help their case.

There are several bad things that can, and do occur when clients are not honest with their lawyers. First, the lawyer can’t do everything to the best of their ability if they don’t have all the information. In Arizona this often occurs in DUI cases. A client that doesn’t give the full story can hamper my ability to properly defend them. There have been countless times over the past seven years where I could have done more in DUI cases if they client had been honest with me from the start. Besides DUI cases I have also had clients not be honest with on the issue of probation. A lot of the time the only way I know that my client is on probation is if they tell me. If the client keeps the information from me it can greatly harm their case.

Being honest with your defense lawyer can be difficult for the reasons stated above but always remember that your lawyer is on your side and that the more honest you are with them the more they will be able to help you.