Knowing which lawyer to hire for your DUI is a major decision. Making the correct decision can have a major outcome on the case and be the difference between no jail and jail or the difference in thousands of dollars in fines. The first question you should ask a lawyer is if they are actually a DUI lawyer? If a lawyer tells you they do mostly civil law but do a few DUI cases a year they are probably not the right person for your case. Ask the lawyer how many DUI cases they handle a year. If the person tells you they only do a handful of cases that is probably not the right person for you also. I tell my clients that I handle several hundred DUI cases a year and this tells potential clients several things. First, it tells them that I know the process and will be able to walk them through it. Second, it tells them that I probably know the latest laws.

Another important question to ask a a potential lawyer for your DUI cases is how long have they been practicing in the field of DUI. An attorney may have 20 years experience but if that experience is in a different area of law how will that help your in your DUI. By asking the two simple questions of a prospective DUI attorney you will be better off.