One common question that potential clients ask me is why they should hire me and not a different defense attorney. This is a reasonable, and good question. I tell potential clients that there are several things they should think about when deciding on their criminal or DUI matter. First, how well do you get along with the defense lawyer? Not every defense lawyer is right for every client. The right defense lawyer will work with the client and value their input. The relationship has to work both ways as the client has to listen to the legal advice of the lawyer, after all, isn’t that why you hire a defense lawyer? The decision to plea or not to plea or to have a trial ultimately belongs to the client but hopefully the client will value the input of the lawyer. Second, what kind of experience does the defense lawyer have? A potential client should know not only how much criminal defense experience the lawyer has but how much experience they have in the particular crime the client is charged with. Furthermore, how much experience does the lawyer have with that crime in the specific court where the case is being handled. There is a big difference from court to court on how cases are handled and a client should want a defense lawyer that is experienced in that court.