Benefits of Hiring a Private Attorney Over a Public Defender

When legal troubles arise, you're faced with a choice: enlist a court-appointed public defender or hire a private attorney. This decision prompts the question: who will represent you better? The court assigns public defenders while you or your family must seek to hire a private attorney. Both options have pros and cons, but as you'll discover, the benefits of hiring a private attorney often tip the scales in their favor.

If you are arrested for a crime in Arizona, seeking counsel from a seasoned attorney to explore your options is crucial. Attorney Alex Benikov personally manages his cases, offering his clients direct call access to him. With a track record of successfully navigating various criminal defense cases, he has defended clients from all walks of life - from doctors and lawyers to professional athletes. Don't hesitate to reach out today for a free consultation, and let us chart your legal options.

Private Attorney Advantages

Hiring an experienced private attorney may be the best investment you make in your future. The cost might seem steep initially, but when weighed against a conviction's severe penalties and enduring repercussions, it's a price worth paying. Let's explore the key advantages of engaging the services of a seasoned criminal defense lawyer:

Better Case Result

If you hire a private attorney, you're more likely to see the charges against you dropped or reduced to a less severe offense. A private lawyer usually has more time and resources for your case. On the other hand, those relying on a public defender often find themselves at a disadvantage. 

A U.S. Department of Justice study revealed that 76% of defendants with a private attorney were convicted, compared to a higher 88% conviction rate for those with a public attorney. This stark contrast underscores the potential benefits of investing in your legal representation.

Choosing Your Attorney

When you opt for a private attorney, you have the freedom to select a lawyer who you believe possesses the right expertise and dedication to defend you vigorously. You can research their track record, gauge their understanding of your case type, and assess whether their approach aligns with your needs. This choice allows you to find someone you trust and feel comfortable with, which can be crucial during a legal proceeding.

On the other hand, if you choose a public defender, this choice is taken out of your hands. The court assigns a lawyer to represent you, and you have little say. While public defenders are often skilled and dedicated professionals, you don't have the opportunity to choose someone who might be a better fit for your specific circumstances. This lack of choice can impact the level of representation you receive.

More Time and Attention

When you opt for a private attorney, one of the key benefits is their typically smaller caseload compared to a public defender. This means they have more time to focus on your case. They can spend more time understanding the nuances of your situation, examining the evidence, and strategizing the best defense approach tailored to your specific circumstances.

With fewer cases to manage, a private attorney can invest more time and energy into crafting a robust defense strategy for you. They can explore all possible avenues, consider various defense tactics, and prepare thoroughly for court proceedings. This level of dedicated attention can significantly enhance your defense and potentially lead to a more favorable outcome.

On the other hand, public defenders often have to manage a high number of cases simultaneously due to the nature of their job. This heavy workload can limit the time they can dedicate to each of their client's cases, which might affect the depth of their investigation and the development of a personalized defense strategy.

More Resources For Your Case

Experienced private attorneys have access to a broad network of resources that can be instrumental in building a strong defense. This network can include expert witnesses who can provide specialized knowledge and testimony that may be crucial to your case. For instance, a medical expert can testify about your health condition, or a forensic expert can challenge the evidence presented by the prosecution.

Private attorneys also often work with private investigators who can independently investigate the charges against you. These investigators can uncover new evidence, find witnesses, or reveal inconsistencies in the prosecution's case, all of which can be used to strengthen your defense.

In contrast, public defenders may not have the same level of resources at their disposal. Their access to expert witnesses and private investigators may be limited due to budget constraints, potentially affecting the comprehensiveness of your defense.

Better Quality Communication

When you hire a private attorney, you're investing in a level of personalized service that can be hard to find with a public defender. One of the key aspects of this service is communication. Private attorneys typically have more flexible schedules, making them more accessible when you have questions or need updates about your case. They can take the time to explain legal jargon, discuss potential outcomes, and keep you informed about any developments in your case.

This open line of communication can be crucial in ensuring that you fully understand the charges against you, your legal rights, and the possible strategies for your defense. It also allows you to voice any concerns or provide additional information that could benefit your case.

Alternatively, public defenders often have a large caseload and spend a significant amount of their time in court. This can make providing the same level of individual attention and prompt communication more challenging for them. You might find it harder to reach your public defender, which could affect your case results.

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