Client Reviews
Starrett M.

Alexander took great care of me. I received a Reckless driving charge. Alexander went to court showed them evidence and my charge was knocked down to a small moving violation. Alexander was informative and ambitious and took care of everything.I would recommend Alexander in a second to anyone. I hope i never need his assistance again but if i do , Alexander will be the first person i call. Thanks for a job well done Alexander.

Colin B.

A very intelligent and friendly, professional man to work with. He was hired in referral to me by a family member and all the great reviews are true! He worked hard for me on a case for a reasonable price and ended with the best possible outcome.

Thank you Alex

Richard H.

He is a very confident and thorough lawyer and very helpful and knowledgeable, I would recommend him to anyone in need of legal advice and/or defense

R L.

The Benikov Law Firm offers stand-out legal services for criminal offenses with a particular specialty in representing clients charged with DUI offenses.   I wouldn't trust another law firm to represent me; counselor Benikov's knowledge of Arizona criminal law is unsurpassed and his positive reputation precedes him.  If you are charged with any criminal offense; I strongly urge you to employ counselor Benikov's services.

Ryan S.

Very knowledgeable, professional and trustworthy, I wouldn't hesitate to get Benikov on my side!

M V.

Outstanding character, exceptional legal knowledge of Arizona Law and a strong work ethic. Benikov Law will work tirelessly in their representation of their clients. I would never even consider another firm for any legal representation that I require.


He handled everything very professionally, always kept me in the loop as to what was going on with my case. He even gave me pointers and guidance as to how to handle myself in a court of law. Just all around great guy!


Alex represented me "pro bono" (free) in a protesting case against the State that went from October 2011 until June 2012. I was 19 at the time charged and had no experience going through the justice system. Alex went to court with me for those 6 months always prepared, even submitted a lengthy motion to dismiss that was worked on in his and other lawyers free time. He even appeared for me on my behalf when I couldn't make it. Alex provided me with knowledge to make the right decisions with my case that ended up having all charges dismissed. He was always professional, friendly. and helpful despite my complete ignorance of the way the system worked. Without him I would not have the spotless record I now get to keep.If you need legal aid Alex is with out a doubt a lawyer you can trust to achieve the best possible outcome of your case.


alex benikov was a great lawyer. He was honest and prompt with any hearings required. I only had to go to the final case decision and he got me the minimum on all requirements to get through my dui charge. I highly recommend him if you need a good, trustworthy lawyer.


Alex saved me thousands of dollars and several weeks of my life. I chose Alex to be my lawyer because of his genuine sincerity and his list of accomplishments. Hiring Alex proved to be the best decision I made regarding my arrest. I was very guilty and did everything you're not suposed to do during an arrest for DUI. Alex answered all of my questions and delivered as promised. I would absolutely recommend Alexander Benikov.


I was pretty rattled and tense due to the particulars of my case, but Alex walked me through what I needed to do in such a calm and rational way that I knew I would come through it all okay. He is well spoken, professional, and trustworthy, and I doubt things would have gone as well as they did for me if I had chosen anyone else for representation.

Dustin F.

Mr. Benikov is highly professional and understanding of his client's needs. I will continue to use his law firm for all of my legal matters.

Daniel R.

Mr.Benikov has always been exceptional at making himself available to answer any questions I’ve ever had with legal issues and never turns me away with even the smallest matters and I respect his genuine care for his clients!

Patricia K.

Mr. Benikov is always professional and will take care of your matters in a professional manner and I would recommend him to anyone. 5 stars!

Biman M.

Alex was very helpful with getting me the resolution I was hoping for in regards to my case. He was very professional and respectful of myself, my privacy, and most importantly, my time.  I felt confident with him representing me and it was very helpful when he was explaining all possible outcomes and the best resolution to help me get through the process! I would recommend his firm with any future legal proceedings. A huge thanks goes out to Benikov Law Team!!!!!!!

Michael G.

Mr. Benikov helped me with a very complicated and dangerous case involving my daughter.   He was able to get the case dismissed, for which I'm eternally grateful.


I consulted with Mr. Benikov on how to incorporate my small business. Mr. Benikov was very knowledgeable on the subject and gave me simple directions to follow on how to complete the process. He also provided a recommendation on which type of incorporation would best suite my needs. After my positive experience interacting with Mr. Benikov I would call upon him for help if I should ever need a defense attorney.


Alexander is very professional and clearly understands the laws. He is easy to work with and will do what he can to make sure you are well represented. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. You can't go wrong with him on your side.


Mr. Benikov was extremely professional, and always kept me up to date as my case progressed. I highly recommend him, and know that you will not be disappointed. His professionalism, and knowledge of the legal field is unparalleled, and you are truly getting a 10/10 attorney for your case.


I have known Alex for about 10 years. I have never hired him as my attorney, but knowing how diligent he is in his endeavors (writing books, teaching a class in law school, and holding a position as public defender) I can attest to the fact, from a personal relationship, that Alex is a competent, hardworking, conscientious, friendly and ethical individual. If I ever need a lawyer, I will definitely hire him!


I have hired Alex on two separate occasions to represent me; one regarding a DUI and another on a criminal case. Both in which Alex handled with wonderful professionalism and both ending in outcomes that I had only hoped for. Alex replies to emails promptly, always appears to court on time, returns calls when requested and always with a friendly and business paced demeanor. Alex knows the law, represents his clients to the best of his abilities and I am more than happy with the outcome of my cases. I was racked with anxiety and Alex made sure to answer my questions and remove me from a very sticky situation I had placed myself in. Appointing this Lawyer to represent you in a Court of Law is a wise decision and well recommended for whatever your case may be.

Jody S.

Alex Benikov and his law firm are definitely my first call. He’s knowledgeable, responsive and is a good lawyer to have in your corner

Mohammad R.

All the reviews are rock solid about Mr. Benikov. He is a great lawyer, and having him as my attorney was peace of mind from beginning till end. He is very professional, and always there to answer any question.

Keifer G.

Professional experience throughout my entire interaction, responsive and knowledgable in every question that I had or guidance that was needed.

Ana K.

Mr. Benikov was very professional and extremely helpful. He made sure to walk me through the whole process and was always responsive whenever I had any questions. I recommend him to anyone with a legal issue.

Joseph M.

Mr. Benikov handled my case with the best possible outcome. i can attest he is professional, experienced, empathetic, responsive, punctual, and good at communicating. thanks Alex

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