• Not Guilty Harassment Charge after trial
  • Aggravated assault felony charges dismissed
  • Extreme DUI reduced to regular DUI with no jail
  • Theft Charges, all counts dismissed
  • Felony drug possession, all charges dismissed
  • DUI jury trial, not guilty

  • Drug DUI charge dismissed

  • Extreme DUI reduced to regular DUI

  • Shoplift charges dismissed

  • Felony car theft, charge dismissed

  • Three counts of theft and shoplift, all charges dismissed

  • Driving on a Suspended License dismissed

  • Felony DUI, all charges dismissed

  • Drug DUI, not guilty after jury trial

  • Felony set-aside granted on felony assault

  • Super extreme DUI, all dismissed

  • Criminal damage charges dismissed

  • 180 day jail sentence reduced to 30 days

  • Prior DUI dismissed

  • Felony car theft charge dismissed

  • Felony child abuse charges dismissed

  • 120 day jail offer reduced to no jail

  • Criminal damage four counts dismissed

  • Shoplift charge dismissed

  • Graffiti charge dismissed at time of trial

  • Assault, not guilty after trial

  • Criminal damage, not guilty after trial

  • Interfering with judicial proceedings charge dismissed

  • Extreme DUI reduced to regular DUI

  • Misuse of telephone, charge dismissed

  • 90 day jail offer reduced to no jail day of trial

  • Driving on a Suspended License six counts, dismissed

  • Drug DUI reduced to reckless driving

  • Felony aggravated DUI reduced to misdemeanor

  • Assault and Criminal Damage, not guilty all counts after trial

  • Criminal Trespass charge, not guilty after trial

  • Misdemeanor DUI, not guilty on all counts after

  • Prostitution charge dismissed

  • Animal cruelty charges, not guilty after trial

  • Rule 20 granted in assault case

  • Domestic violence assault, not guilt after trial

  • Child endangerment, charge dismissed

  • Shoplift, all charges dismissed

  • 180 day jail offer reduced to 10 days

  • Assault with injury, all charges dismissed

  • Solicitation of prostitution dismissed

  • Super extreme DUI dismissed to regular DUI

  • Extreme DUI reduced to regular DUI

  • Felony drug possession charges dismissed

  • Underage DUI dismissed

  • Drug Possession charges dismissed

  • Criminal damages, not guilty after trial

  • Shoplift diversion offered day of jury trial

  • Deviation request granted after dismissal drug charges

  • Truancy charges dismissed

  • Aggressive driving charge dismissed

  • Diversion granted after initial offer of 45 days jail

  • Theft of Services charges dismissed

  • Failure to Provide Name, dismissed at time of trial

  • 120 days of jail offer reduced to zero days

  • Child Endangerment charge dismissed

  • Reckless Driving charge dismissed

  • DUI reduced to Reckless Driving

  • Four counts of Domestic Violence, all counts dismissed

  • One year driver’s license suspension reduced to no suspension

  • Drug DUI, all charges dismissed

  • Extreme DUI dismissed at time of trial

  • 90 day jail offer in Contracting Without a License case reduced to 30 days jail

  • Suspended License charge, not guilty after trial

  • 160 day jail offer reduced to unsupervised probation

  • 90 day jail offer reduced to 20 days

  • Reinstatement of felony probation instead of prison time

  • 60 day jail offer reduced to no jail. Not Guilty Threatening after trial

  • Not Guilty after trial on probation violation charges (State was seeking six months jail)

  • Not Guilty Child Neglect after trial

  • Domestic Violence Assault and Criminal Damage charges dismissed

  • Public Sexual Indecency dismissed at time of trial

  • Not Guilty Criminal Damage after trial

  • DUI charge reduced to Reckless Driving

  • Child Endangerment charge dismissed

  • Super Extreme DUI reduced to Regular DUI

**Past results are not a guarantee of future success. Every case is factually and legal unique.


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